“Saan nga ba patungo ang mga tampalasang alon ng tadhana?

Naghahanap na palagi, nag-iisa, sa lalim ng gabi nangungulila.

Sa bawat kumpas ng daliri ni Haring Bathala,

Nag-aasam ng kasagutan—ito ang talinghaga.”


“Remember the feeling of the sun’s warmth after the rain?

It must have been bliss with a little doze of caffeine.

Remember the colors in the sky when the sprinkles subside?

We long for those moments, the little joy we looked behind.”

The Young

The Random Poet's Notebook

Woe, my sweet little miss woe,

This world torn ye in heaps of sorrow,

Thy lips bid goodbyes, memories shall follow.

Those pretty eyes were never bare, for these tears seems too shallow.

Grow , my dear little lover, grow,

Life, isn’t a whimsical dream for all you know,

See, and you shall reap, what you had sow

So go , my dear, up front the horizons, up front you go.

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Burnt Toast

“Ever tasted coffee and burnt toasts on a cold summer morning?

I love those—the little imperfections that life has to bring.

The little things that bring us joy that makes life worth living,

Despite the faint bitterness it comes in between.”

Diwata ng Buwan

“Batang musmos nang sayo’y nahalina—O diwata ng buwan,

Sa angking rikit, ganda at sa awit at tula ng mga makata.

Mistulang mga luha at hikbing pinakakawalan sa kawalan,

Ikaw ang kanlungan ng mga pusong dinadaguka’t sugatan.”

An Insomniac’s Promise

The Random Poet's Notebook

Restless again…
If it’s later this afternoon, when I drank some warm distasteful coffee,

Or the multitude of thoughts ’bout thee shrouding my messed-up mind ever so constantly.

Keep me awake…

As thy mellifluous voice of thee oft in random, held my sanity in captivity,

Cannot bear to shut these eyes,

Listening to thee, as my chest pounds, breathing hastily

As I lay still…

As the night drew deeper, than my fall on my bunk bed, and holding steady..

Thy face resonates on my mind like an unforgettable inaudible melody,

Like a lover’s cherry-picked love song held on rep like how it’s meant to be…

Stay with me…

So I can cherish thee like an indelible memory,

As you and me dwell through the breaking dawn of we,

And bid a promise to sing the songs of love, with our hearts contentedly…

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Milky Way

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“O milky way of the sea of stars,

I sleep tonight like a babe on his mother’s arms.

Reach me on my dreams with shooting comets and bees,

And I shall cherish thee of love like one of those little infinities.”


The Random Poet's Notebook

IMG_4724-0“When the time comes, I shall join you at the sunset and our silhouete shall engrave the twilight”

Last night, I slept with my right arm stretch across my eyes,

Desperately reaching through the ceiling, hiding from my bedroom light.

Never hath I fond of dreams, but last night, last night was,


At least a word to describe the unspeakable.

I hope to tell the tale, but shame it is.

The unfathomable emotions are meant to be felt, not told.

The air is dry outside but on my night sleep, I felt rain.

Rushing into my face and flowing with no stop.

Like a river flowing to my pillow.

A tale of a dream, like a tale among tales it is,

Like a sinner among poets, I confess to atone my sins.

In the dream amid an empty pale land, I saw a fading light,

Towards, I made haste…

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LOUELLA [The Warrior of Light]

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“Lend me those dazzling eyes,

O brave warrior of moonlight,

Until we see the breaking dawn of tomorrow’s lies.

Emancipate me from the bondage of grief’s height.

Life is a never-ending battle from sundown to sunrise,

Love and be loved, and never lose sight.

Alas, arise! Never bring thine head down into the mourning light

MERIELLE [The Light of Sea]

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“Moonlight of the blue calm sea,

Embraced my heart with warmth and glee,

Ridded me of sadness this enshrouding melancholy.

I shall love and cherish thee for all eyes to see,

Every moment, every ounce of life I breathe,

Listening to your dear calls is all but I need.

Life of man is but a short ounce of cold sand,

Endearing pain is sure to come, but I shall show you what love is, til I’m but dust—in your hands.”